Do you know how tobacco hurts Nebraska and Nebraskans?

Tobacco still takes a terrible toll on too many people.

50 years later... and still too many suffering and dying!


In 1964, the US Surgeon General Luther L. Terry, M.D., released a groundbreaking report.

On the basis of more than 7,000 articles relating to smoking and disease available at that time, he concluded that cigarette smoking is:

  • A cause of lung cancer and laryngeal cancer in men
  • A probable cause of lung cancer in women, and
  • The most important cause of chronic bronchitis.

Since that time, tremendous progress has been made in encouraging people never to start smoking and using tobacco products, and in helping others quit. But 50 years later, smoking and tobacco use STILL take a tremendous toll on Americans and on Nebraskans.

In this special report, you’ll learn:

  • the burden of tobacco on children (page 4);
  • the toll that tobacco takes on mothers and their children (page 5);
  • and, at a time of skyrocketing healthcare costs, you will learn the burden of tobacco on Nebraska’s health care system (page 7).

What’s in Nebraska’s future? This report reveals the staggering cost of smoking and tobacco use to each and every Nebraskan (page 8), a financial burden that places a drain on our economy.

What’s in Nebraska’s future? We can make a change, and the change starts with you. Learn the tremendous toll tobacco takes on Nebraska and its people, and join the effort to reduce tobacco use.